My style over the years!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now I look at old pictures and I just could cry. I find it really funny, because I thought I had a super style... And it was actually horrible! I think it's really funny and interesting to see how our style can change over the years, maby because the trends changed or maby because you changed as well! 
Before starting I want to put a warning of HORRIBLE STYLE and BAD PICTURES, I'm gonna call this warnings HS and BP! Isn't that creative? 
Anyway let's start:

12 years old: Attempt to wear a skate/hio hop style, failed really bad. 

Well I don't even need to write about it, just horrible.

12 years old: After some months it was getting a bit more warm so I started to wear that kind of things...  I thought it was cool, sexy and that I had a super style. I just can't see this combination anymore haaha

12 years old: The spring came and I started to change a bit more my style, oh well it's not horrible until you know that I was wearing yellow shoes with that ''outfit''. Yes, yellow.

13 years old: Summer came and you know I had to dress myself cool, just like all the gurus... Failed. Pink shirt, with yellow shoes and blue socks! I love it.

13 years old: I was getting a bit better, I personaly like this outfit! And my pictures were getting better as well! High five old Carla!

14 Years old: Kinda like this outfit, simple and basic but good! 

 Now: Love my style! I think in some years I will hate it as well, but that I just a part of the life! 

Have a nice day and hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Really loved this post, it's always funny to look back at how our style has changed over the years. Your style is gorgeous now! <3