The Magic of Photo Editing

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What would be a good picture without a bit of editing... And not, I'm not talking about "photoshop"!
I'm just talking about a few improvements that can make a BIG diference, and when I say a BIG diference just look: 

As you can see, the first picture is already pretty good. The quality and the light is nice and the ice cream looks appetizing, but look at the second one!! As you can see, the second one is way way MORE appetizing. The colors are much stronger, the sharpness is also better... BUT HOW?!?!

So here I am to show you my few secrets to edit pictures really easy and without any exclusive/expensive app! 

1-Wich app? 

I personally recommend VSCOcam, is the editor that I ALWAYS use. It is easy to work with and you can get really good finishes. And it is FREE and for android and apple as well!


Do not freak out when you see the first time the app, I freaked out and it wasn't nice at all. Maby the first time that you see the inside of the app you will find it too difficult to use, but I swear it is not. It will take maby 15 minutes to know how to edit the pictures, just take a random picture and start to try all the options until you find out what makes what. 
I also recommend to go to the shop and download the free filters, they are a must.

So know I'm gonna explain you how I edit my pictures. I'm not saying that the way I edit my pictures is perfect, but for my point of view I love it!
I particulary like cold pictures, with cold colors and white light. So I pretty much always use the filter F2,  put more contrast, more saturation, I correct the light when is necesary and take off the yellow light with less "temperature". 

And you will get something like that: 

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    1. Danke dir auch, dein Blog ist einer meiner Favoriten! :)

  2. Wow der Post ist dir echt gelungen! Ich muss mir die App unbedingt mal herunterladen habe schon lange nach einer guten gesucht :)
    Ich finde es auch immer wieder unglaublich zu sehen was ein paar Effekte so ausmachen können!
    Übrigens gefällt mir dein Schreibstil & deine Blogthemen sehr gut :) Du hast auf jeden Fall eine neue Leserin <3

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